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We offer courses with voice recognition software and the best linguistic experts to help you learn a foreign language.

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With a selection of more than 25,000 carefully designed training courses, it’s easy to quickly learn the most up-to-date information and improve your professional career. Click to discover the advantages of our Virtual Campus.


In-company training, Executive MBA & Masters, NGO and Pro-social Innovation, Health, Pharma and Biotech, Innovation, Leadership and HR, Marketing and Sales, Business Strategies, Training for Public and Government Agencies, etc.

ICT Services

AICAD Business School offers numerous technological products and services to help you manage your business and connect with your clients. Introduction of CRM-ERP, Web Platform Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, SEO, and more.

International Business School

People are our most valuable legacy: researchers, professors, professionals, students and business directors collaborating at the international level, generating ideas, discussion, projects and initiatives, providing excellent training and valuable contributions to public development and social transformation. We are recognized for our passion for technology and education, a calling to serve others, a positive mentality and a high level of teamwork. Since 2010, AICAD Business School has expanded from Las Palmas of Gran Canaria worldwide, with a clear global business sense as an institution specializing in the implementation of technological education projects.

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Our philosophy as a Business School is geared towards strengthening the backbone of businesses to ensure success and long-term vitality. With a global perspective, we promote business skills and personal growth in our students, without barriers or borders, all online.

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Hundreds of courses in multiples specialties

Graduate Degrees Awarded

Catalog of graduate degrees for the 2015-2016 academic year…

Graduate Studies AICAD Business School

In AICAD, as a center for graduate studies, we are committed to producing leaders, business directors, middle managers and professionals who aspire to excellence and, by way of a true calling to serve others, to become a positive force for those around them. We are deeply committed to innovative education as the key to personal growth. For this reason, our work focuses on finding solutions that are practical and effective in the development of personal and professional skills.

Graduate Degrees Awarded

Catalog of graduate degrees for the 2015-2016 academic year…  

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Consulting Services

Services for Businesses & Advanced Programs

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Vince Lombardi

Consulting Services

Services for Businesses – Advanced Programs in Leadership and Human Resources

In-company Training

Custom programs to satisfy the training needs of your business.

Health, Pharma and Biotech

Training programs customized for the health sciences industry

Business Strategies

Online programs in business strategies

NGO and Pro-social Innovation

Leadership, direction and management of Non-Government Organizations

Marketing and Sales

Leadership, direction and management of Non-Government Organizations

Executive MBA & Masters

Advanced Programs for senior management


Programs for Governments and government agencies


Innovative programs in Webinar format

ITC Services

We Connect you With the Internet

The Internet is the key to advancement in a world where Technology has become synonymous with Business.

Our team of experts is available to you with a wide variety of services that will help your business using the latest Information and Communication Technologies.

Web Development

We design your customized Web Platform, adjusting it to fit your needs and your business, for a full accessibility on different devices you might need and with a professional design.

Google My Business

Improve your business’ local rankings: chat or live stream video with your clients, comments on Google, communities of followers, live broadcast promotions, and more!

E-Commerce Financing

We can help your business launch an Online Store; grants are processed with the help of the Chambers of Commerce of the Autonomous Communities of Spain, and not only

Social Media

Marketing on Social Media is a fundamental tool for promoting your business’ products, reaching potential customers and maintaining existing ones, and we will help you do it successfully


SEO Optimization

Having a high ranking on the Internet is the ultimate competitive advantage; it makes your business stronger, more relevant and better rated by consumers

Graphic Professional Design

We offer a wide variety of professional graphic design services, online and offline —from your logo and its applications, to whatever graphic project you might need

CRM-ERP Programs

An easily manageable software program to manage client relationships, and a system for planning your business resources, including suppliers, bills, products and much more

Personalized Services

Our team of professionals is highly qualified and can personalize any type of service to meet your specific needs and ICT demands, all to improve your online presence

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Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have on all of our ICT services for free, with no commitment.

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