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At AICAD, internships are one of our top priorities, because we view training as a treasure and an invaluable tool for professional development. And today, more than ever, being trained and qualified is the key to employability. We are committed to providing you with all possible training resources for your internship.

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Internship Agreement for Businesses


Professional Internship Agreement

You may be able to work as a grant recipient if you have a business

We are known for helping people grow in their job positions and in their abilities as managers. For this reason, one of the key factors that we pursue in our internship agreements with businesses at AICAD Business School is job placement for students. To achieve this, we create agreements of Cooperative Education for internships with businesses year-round in Spain, Europe and around the world. Students working in internship positions are covered by a CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY INSURANCE policy, which we oversee with various insurers, which covers them in the event of a workplace accident up to 150,000€ in the country in which the intern is working.

At AICAD Business School we are strongly committed to Workplace Integration

What many people don’t know is that professional internships performed within a company under an internship agreement can offer several benefits. The most important point is that, in order to be a business grant recipient, you must sign an internship agreement, which we will discuss in this section. We will answer such questions as, what is an internship agreement, what is needed in order to sign an agreement, what courses are recommended, and of course, whether you will be reimbursed by Social Security. Read on to learn all of this, and more.

The internship period:

At this point, we assume you have already found a business to do your internship with. It is also important to know the duration of the internship, as a 3 month (minimum) and we can go as far as one year agreement. All that offering more than 1000 courses to choose from, internship contract agreement signed on and a responsibility insurance. Get yours today to work or to expand borders!

workplace internships

Price of online course:

350€ (with scholarship and internship agreement discount)


  • More than 1000+ courses to choose from
  • Civil Responsibility Insurance for the student
  • Processing and paperwork
  • Personalized tutors
  • 24 hour access to campus
  • From 3 to 12 months of internship

Get acces to more than 1000 courses according to internships that want to make:

Office 365 Course

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – Exam EX300 Course

SOA: Service Orientated Architecture

Cubase 8 Course

QuickStart! – phpMyAdmin

Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Adobe Audition CC

CompTIA Linux+

FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner

Adobe Lightroom 4

CompTIA Linux+ Bundle

Logic Pro X

Adobe Flash Professional CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

Adobe Audition CC

Advanced Ethical Hacking

 Wireless Hacking and Security

Besides the courses listed above, we will give you acceso to more than 1000+ English Courses in more than 40 categories. So think that it is an excellent opportunity to gain work skills, CV experience and who knows, maybe stay in the workforce of the company after completing the scholarship.

workplace internships

Frequent questions:

What is an internship agreement?

An internship agreement is a document that is signed by the business, the school or university, and the student. This document should cover all information relevant to the internship, including but not limited to:

  • The course and activity to be done by the student.
  • Conditions for termination of the internship.
  • If applicable, payment system and payment of insurance.
  • Protection of information.
  • Whether an exchange or study aid exists.
What happens when you sign an internship agreement?
  • You must have two mentors: one in the university and another at the business.
  • You must be evaluated according to the university’s or school’s criteria.
  • You have the right, if stipulated in the internship agreement, to receive financial compensation.
  • You must be informed by the business about safety procedures and prevention of occupational hazards.
  • In the case of students with disabilities, you will be able to request the appropriate accommodations from the internship.
What is needed in order to complete an internship agreement?
  • The activity must be related to the student’s education.
  • There must be no contractual relationship with the company or institution that will provide the internship.
  • The student must be a resident of Spain with official documentation
What does the company do?
  • Businesses which pay or finance the scholarship/interships are obligated to register you with Social Security during the time you are with the company.
Cost for scholarship recipients with internship agreements

Royal Decree 1493/2011 regulates the costs of scholarship recipients through Social Security regarding retirement and social protection (but does not cover unemployment once the internship is over), and voids Decree 1707/2011 from November 18.

Are scholarship recipients with internship agreements covered by Social Security?

Scholarship recipients covered by Social Security have the right to retirement benefits and insurance for permanent or temporary disability from workplace accidents or common illnesses, but are NOT entitled to unemployment insurance. The base contribution is the minimum required by the General Regimen.

What course should be completed for the internship?

At AICAD Business School we know that your new workplace isn’t the only thing that matters to you, but also the course that you will complete. For this reason we have provided a more than 1000 courses that fit our internship agreement.

workplace internships
The situation of scholarship holders with internship agreements is being regulated little by little, although there is still a long way to go. As of now, the time spent as an intern at a company is considered as counting towards retirement, which is an important advance.

Courses for Internships (more than 1000):

The list of courses for your internship

Still have questions?

We’ve tried to resolve any doubts you might have regarding internship agreements, but if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

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