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The following paragraphs lay out the usage conditions for the online portal “” (hereinafter, the Portal) of Aicad Business School, S.L.

The term ‘user’ is understood to mean any person who accesses the portal, whether directly or from any other website. The general conditions that regulate the use of the portal are as follows.

  1. – GENERAL

The services offered by Aicad Business School, S.L on this website are governed by the provisions laid out in these conditions (without prejudice to other legal notices and conditions on the portal).

Aicad Business School, S.L, reserves the right to modify, totally or partially, these general conditions, with the new ones applying from the moment of them being added to the page.


Aicad Business School, S.L, with its registered office in the University Campus of Tarifa, Edificio Polivalente II, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, whose commercial name is Aicad Business School, S.L.

For any inquiries, suggestions or complaints, the user should contact the offices of our company at the above address, or through the email address


The user is obliged to use the information contained in this website exclusively for the purposes of the portal, specifically for the purpose of obtaining information about the services offered, and making suggestions, but not for direct or indirect commercial purposes apart from those authorised.

The user of the web page has the right to access freely and at no cost the public information contained within it, although Aicad Business School, S.L. reserves the right to restrict access to certain sections of the Portal to registered customers.

Aicad Business School, S.L. strictly prohibits the use of elements restricted to a certain group of users by those users who aren’t authorised through a name and password.

Aicad Business School, S.L. has given those users authorised to access the private area of the website a username and password; responsibility for the custody of this information is solely theirs. Consequently, Aicad Business School S.L. is not liable in any circumstance for the misuse of usernames and passwords.


The intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademarks, logos, texts, photographs, icons, images, etc, as well as the graphic design, source code and other software elements contained within the website), are owned by Aicad Business School S.L., or the other entities which provide information through the portal. For this reason, they are subject to the intellectual property rights protected by Spanish and International law.

Without the clear prior written authorisation of Aicad Business School, S.L., or, where appropriate, the rights-holder, it is not permitted to use, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, or make any use of the site beyond visiting it and using the services offered.

Access to the services provided doesn’t imply, on the part of Aicad Business School S.L or the relevant rights-holder, the renunciation or transfer, either in full or in part, of their intellectual property rights, nor does it grant rights for the usage, modification, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the content without the prior and express written authorisation of the relevant rights holders. This does not affect the right to view and obtain a private back-up copy of the content, as long as such a right is exercised according to the principles of good faith, and as long as the intellectual property of the rights-holder is not altered, and it is used for non-commercial purposes and exclusively for the user’s personal information.

The liability arising from the use of materials protected by intellectual properties rights contained on this site rests solely with the user.



This site has been designed by Aicad Business School S.L, to provide information about its services and the company’s other activities in Spain.

The web site contains some contact information and forms through which users can contact the company for the intended purposes in each case, according to the regulations laid out in the terms of use of the Portal.

Aicad Business School, S.L, reserves the right to make any modifications and updates it deems appropriate to the website.


AICAD Business School, S.L. shall not be liable for disruptions that may occur in electrical or telecommunications services that prevent users from using the services offered. AICAD Business School, S.L. shall not be liable for damages of any kind that may result from the lack of veracity, completeness or accuracy of the information provided by users.

Additionally, AICAD Business School, S.L. is not responsible for the websites that can be accessed through links, banners or other means, or the content that they may include.



The information received by AICAD Business School, S.L. through any of its web pages will be treated with the strictest confidentiality in accordance with current regulations.

Following the provisions of the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (LOPD), AICAD Business School S.L informs the user that personal data that may be collected via this website are stored in files owned by AICAD Business School, S.L. with the purpose of managing this Internet portal.

AICAD Business School, S.L. may use personal data and contact users to keep them informed of the activities, products and services offered by Aicad Business School, S.L, or other organisations related to the company that could be of interest.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

To exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the Act, you can write to Aicad Business School, S.L. Ref. Protección de datos, Campus Universitario de Tafira, Edificio Polivalente II, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or use the email address

Security in treatment, processing and storage of data

AICAD Business School, S.L. declares and guarantees that it maintains the security levels for the protection of personal data required by the Real Decreto 994/1999 of June 11, concerning security measures for automatically-generated files containing personal data; it has put into place all the technical methods at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by users, with the limitation that online security measures aren’t foolproof.


These terms are covered by Spanish law.

  1. Users

By accessing and/or using the Portal, the use accepts, from that moment, fully and without any reservations, these General Terms of Use, as well as any particular terms that, in their case, complement, modify or replace the General Terms for certain services or content on the Portal.

  1. Use of the website, its services and content.

The user agrees to use the website and its services and contents without violating the relevant law, good faith, generally accepted usage practices or public order. It is also forbidden to use the website for illegal or harmful purposes against AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L/ or any third party, or in any way which could damage or impede the normal functioning of the website.

With respect to the the content (information, text, graphics, sound files and / or images, photographs, designs, etc.), the following is prohibited:

Its reproduction, distribution or modification, unless with the permission of their rightful owners or legislation.

Any violation of the rights of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL or the content’s legitimate owners.

Its use for any commercial purposes, or advertising, apart from those explicitly permitted.

Any attempt to obtain the contents by any means other than those available to users through those means usually used on the Internet; this being allowed only when it doesn’t cause any damage to the website of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L.

  1. The responsibility of the use for damages and harm

Use of the portal is the sole responsibility of the user. This responsibility extends to the use, by the user or any third party, of any passwords or similar codes assigned for accessing the portal or any of its services.

Without prejudice to the above, AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL, reserves the right to refuse at any time and without notice, access to the website by users who breach these general conditions or any particular ones which apply.

  1. Unilateral modification

AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L, may unilaterally change without notice, whenever it deems appropriate, the structure and design of the website, or modify or remove the services, contents and conditions of access and / or use of the website.

  1. Hyperlinks

People or entities wishing to provide a hyperlink from a web page of another website to any pages of the portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL shall be subject to the following conditions:

The total or partial reproduction of any of the services or content offered by AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. is not allowed.

It is not permitted to establish deep-links, or image links, or frames of the pages of the Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L, without the prior explicit authorisation of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L.

No false, imprecise, or incorrect claims about the pages on the Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L, or about their services or content, may be included.

Except for those that are part of the hyperlink, the web page on which the link is provided may not contain any trademark, trade name, establishment name, company name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L., without their authorisation.

The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply the existence of relations between AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, or the knowledge and approval of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. of services and content offered on the site.

AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. is not responsible for the services or content made available to the public on the website or portal on which the “hyperlink” is established, or the information or statements included therein.

Any hyperlink to the Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. will be to the homepage or main pages of the sections it contains.

The Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. offers users connections and links to other web sites operated and controlled by third parties. These links are offered with the sole purpose of helping users to search for information, content and online services, and in no case should be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them.

AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. does not market, manage, control ahead of time, or own the content, services, information and statements available on these websites.

AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. does not assume any responsibility, even indirectly, for any damage of any kind arising from the access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communication, opinions, events, products and services available or offered on Web sites not managed by AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. and which are accessible through the Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L.

  1. Protection of personal data.
  1. A) .- Privacy Policy: AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L., and / or the organisations belonging to or linked with AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. collect in various forms personal data of and information about users of the portal for storage and / or use in connection with the user. The data provided by users will be incorporated into an automated file owned by the relevant organisation (hereinafter the “owner of the file”). In each of the forms in which personal data are collected, the user will receive from the owner of the file detailed information regarding the processing, purpose and use of their data, whether responses are compulsory or optional, the consequences of refusing to provide it and, in general, all the information required by applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data, which, in every case, must be expressly accepted by the user. The owner of the file is committed to treating the personal data of users in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations and in particular:

Treating confidentially all personal data about the user that they have access to as a result of their use of the Portal. Nevertheless, the owner of the file may reveal personal data and any other information about the User when it is required to do so by public authorities when exercising their legitimate role and in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Adopting the technical and organisational security measures necessary to prevent the alteration, loss and unauthorized processing of or access to such data.

Notwithstanding the above, due to the current state of internet security, the owner of the file can not guarantee that the user’s information will not be illicitly used by third parties. Consequently, neither AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. nor the owner of the file guarantee or assume any responsibility for damages of any nature that may arise from alteration, loss, processing, unauthorised access or illicit use of the information about users by third parties.

The user undertakes to keep the data provided to the owner of the file updated.

The user shall be liable for damages that AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL, organisations belonging to or linked with AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL and / or third parties may suffer as a result of the falsehood, inaccuracy, lack of validity or authenticity of the data provided.

B).- User registration on the Portal. The contracting access and use of certain services and applications offered in the Portal require prior registration by the user through the General Registration form.

The data provided by Users in the aforementioned form will be incorporated into an automated file owned by AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L., whose treatment will be subject to the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, and its implementing regulations.

The username and password chosen by the user in the registration process are personal and not transferable. As such, the user agrees to diligently keep private their username and password, adopting the necessary measures to prevent loss, theft, disclosure to third parties or unauthorized use. The user also undertakes to use their username and password appropriately, and is solely responsible if it is used in an illegal manner or in a way contrary to these General Conditions or any Particular Conditions that apply.

  1. Use of cookie technology

Description: Cookies are a tool used by Web services to store and retrieve information about their visitors. It’s nothing more than a text file which some services ask our browser to store on our hard disk, with information about what we have been doing on their pages.

They have an expiration date, which can range from the duration of the session to a specified future date, after which they will not function.

For more information visit the website of the Department of Information Processing and Coding of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas of Spain.

Cookies used in the Portal of AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L.: uses cookies to facilitate browsing through its Portal and to improve the efficiency and personalization of services offered to users. The cookies used in are only associated with an anonymous user and computer; they do not contain information from which the name of the user could be deduced and do not read data off your hard disk or include viruses in their text. Similarly, can not read the cookies saved on the user’s hard disk from other services. The cookies used on are divided into two types: session cookies and permanent cookies.

Session cookies are not stored on the user’s machine; They disappear when the session ends.

Permanent cookies have an expiration date in the future. They are stored on the user’s computer after the session ends. The Permanent Cookies used on have various purposes:

User preferences: they store information about the country and language preferences of the user in order to display the appropriate content for their profile.

Informational / promotional messages: these record the number of times a user is shown a specific message (generally about new content in the Portal)

AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. uses the services of a third party, including cookie technology, to measure its audience. Specifically it uses the services of Google Analytics.

The user can freely decide whether or not to allow the cookies used in to be saved to their hard drive. To do this, the user can configure their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on screen about the receipt of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not to save it to their hard drive. For this we suggest you consult the help section of your browser to learn how to change the current settings. Even when users change the setting on their browser to refuse all cookies or specifically reject cookies from AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L., they can browse the Portal with the only limitation being that they cannot enjoy the features of the Portal that require their use, in particular, the functions requiring Session Cookies. In any case, Users can delete cookies from AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L., saved on their hard drive at any time, following the procedure laid out in the help section of your browser.

  1. Duration

The lifetime of the website and services is indefinite. Notwithstanding the above, AICAD BUSINESS SCHOOL, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the provision of the website or any of the services within it, under the terms laid out in the fourth section.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms are governed by Spanish law. The resolution of any dispute that may arise will be handled in the Courts of Las Palmas, Spain, to the exclusion of their jurisdiction and any others.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser when you visit almost any website. Its usefulness is that the web is able to remember your visit next time you browse that page. Cookies often store technical information, personal preferences, personalization of content, usage statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The purpose of a cookie is to adapt the content of the web to your profile and needs without cookies services offered by any site would be significantly undermined. To see more information on what cookies are, how stored, how to remove, disable, etc., please be directed to this link.
Cookies used on this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency we detail the use of cookies does this web in order to inform you with the maximum possible accuracy.

This site uses cookies themselves the following:

Session cookies to ensure that users who write comments on the blog are human and not automated applications. Thus combat spam.

This website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google Analytics stores cookies to compile statistics on the volume of traffic and visitors of this website. By using this web site you are consenting to the processing of data about you by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any rights in this regard must do so by communicating directly with Google.
Social networks: Each social network uses its own cookies for you to click on buttons type Like or Share.

Disabling or removing cookies

At any time you may exercise your right to disable or delete cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using. Here we let a quick guide for the most popular browsers.
Additional Notes

Neither this website nor their legal representatives are responsible for the content or the veracity of the privacy policies of third parties that may be mentioned in this cookie policy.
Web browsers are responsible for storing tools and cookies from this place should carry their right to removal or disabling them. Neither this website nor their legal representatives can ensure the proper or improper handling of cookies by any of the above browsers.
In some cases you need to install the browser cookies to remember your decision not to accept them.
In the case of cookies from Google Analytics, the company stores cookies on servers in the United States and agree not to share it with others, except where necessary for system operation or when required by law to this purpose. As Google does not store your IP address. Google Inc. is a company attached to the Safe Harbor Agreement ensures that all data transferred will be treated with a level of protection according to European standards. You can find detailed information on this subject at this link. For information about the use of cookies Google gives you attach this other link.
For any queries about this policy cookies do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a harmless text file that is stored on your browser when you visit almost any website. The usefulness of the cookie is that the web is able to remember your visit next time you browse that page. Although many people do not know the cookies have been in use for 20 years, when the first browser for the World Wide Web.
What is NOT a cookie?

It is not a virus or a Trojan, not a worm, or spam or spyware, or pop-up window opens.
What information stores a cookie?

Cookies do not often store sensitive information about you, such as credit card or bank account information, photographs, your identity card or personal information, etc. The data stored are technical, personal preferences, personalization of content, etc.

The web server does not associate you as a person if your web browser. In fact, if you usually browse with Internet Explorer and try to browse the same web with Firefox or Chrome you will see that the web does not realize that you are the same person because you are actually associating the browser, not the person.
What kind of cookies exist?

Technical cookies: These are the most basic and allow, among other things, to know when you are navigating a human or an automated application, when an anonymous user navigates and one registered basic tasks for the operation of any dynamic web.
Cookies analysis: collect information on the type of navigation is performing, most used sections, products viewed, time slot of use, language, etc.
Advertising cookies: display advertising based on their navigation, their country of origin, language, etc.

What are their own and third-party cookies?

Party cookies are those generated by the page you’re visiting and third are generated by internal or external providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
What if I turn off cookies?

To understand the scope may have to disable cookies we show some examples:

You can not share content of this site on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.
The web site will not adapt the content to their personal preferences, as often happens in the online stores.
You can not access the personal area of ​​the web, such as my own, or my profile or orders.
Online stores: It will be impossible to make purchases online, will have to be telephone or by visiting the physical store if you have one.
It will not be possible to customize their geographic preferences as time zone, currency or language.
The website can not perform analytical web visitors and traffic on the web, making it difficult to be competitive anywhere.
You can not write on the blog, you can not upload photos, post comments, evaluate or rate content. The web may not know whether you are a human or an automated application that publishes spam.
No advertising may show sectioned, reducing advertising revenue on the web.
All social networks use cookies, if the disabled can not use any social network.

Can I delete cookies?

Yes. Not only eliminate also block, general or particular to a specific domain.

To remove cookies from a website should go to your browser settings and there you can find the associated domain in question and proceed to its elimination.
Cookie settings for the browser polulares

Here’s how to access a particular cookie Chrome browser. Note: These steps may vary depending on the browser version:

Go to Settings or Preferences using the File menu or by clicking the icon that appears personalization top right.
You see different sections, click the Show Advanced Options option.
Go to Privacy Settings content.
Select All cookies and site data.
a list of all cookies ordered by domain appears. To make it easier to find a specific cookie domain partially or completely enter the address in the search field cookies.
After making this filter will appear on the screen one or more lines with the requested Web cookies. Now just select it and press X to proceed with removal.

To access the cookie settings in Internet Explorer follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Go to Tools, Internet Options
Click Privacy.
Move the slider to adjust the level of privacy you want.

To access the cookie settings Firefox browser follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Go to Options or Preferences for your operating system.
Click Privacy.
In History choose Use custom settings for history.
Now you can see the Accept Cookies option, you can activate or deactivate as desired.

To access the cookie settings of the Safari browser for OSX follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Go to Settings, then Privacy.
Here you can see the Block cookies to fit the type of lock to perform.

To access the cookie settings of the Safari browser for iOS follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Go to Settings, then Safari.
You go to Privacy and Security, see the Block cookies to fit the type of lock to perform.

To access the browser cookie settings for Android devices follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Run the browser and press Menu, then Settings button.
Go to security and privacy, see the Accept cookies option to check or uncheck the box.

To access the browser cookie settings for Windows Phone devices follow these steps (may vary depending on the version of the browser):

Open Internet Explorer, then More, then Settings
Now you can enable or disable the Allow cookies.

Training FAQ AICAD

AICAD Business School is a online business school with academic offer in eLearning and distance format whose aim is to respond to the training needs of individuals and companies across a wide range of training. We also offer services like Google Partner’s Programs, Marketing Online, SEM, SEO, Branding, HR Consultancy and much more…

What is the Virtual Campus?
It is a space that you can access anytime, from anywhere, to complete all of the training you have chosen. Basically is a online platform that gives you access to your courses, download documentation, conducting reviews, download certificates, etc. At the moment our academic offer is only in Spanish. If you access it from a mobile device please use Puffin Browser for a better view.

What is your training offer?
When viewing our eLearning Shop (Spanish Only), you’ll find specific products in each category with a simple menu that addresses a crowd of more courses, simply select the category that interests you. Similarly you can use our search engine and start typing 4 words for that our search module will start looking in our database. Please be patience because to give the best service, we seek between thousands of courses and programs.

What is the Academic Offer AICAD Business School?

Our Academic Offer covering over 25,000 training programs that give access to various types of degrees: Official Master‘s Degree in agreement Own Master Degree, University Expert, and various certifications in specialized courses.

What if I cannot find a course?

Although every day we are adding new content, there is always that possibility, so the best advice is to write us. At the earliest possible contact you and send you the data sheet of the course you requested.

Are courses online?

Largely yes, our system is based on flexible learning within the hours the students themselves set, and access to campus 24h. However, we also have a large number of distance learning courses.

Difference between a University Master's Degree and a Master Title?

The Official Master‘s graduate formal education valid throughout the country and in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and has been planned, verified, approved and delivered according to the “Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, whereby the planning of official university education , and regulations that amend and supplement.

The Master as a degree, is a teaching that refers to studies that must pass an internal regulatory process defined by the university. ECTS from Degrees can be recognized and accepted by a university for computation purposes of obtaining an official degree.

What requirements must I meet in order to do a Master?

Requirements vary from about titles and others, and you can consult them to the specific information on each of them within our Masters section.

What are the Programs University expert?

They are specialist qualifications designed for technicians and managers who want to develop their career in a specialized area or sector of activity.

Can I transfer the credits of two programs University expert for a Master's degree?

Yes, you can complete two credits University Expert (24 ECTS + 18 ECTS) programs, perform the Collaborative Project Internationalization of Business and Master’s Thesis for a degree of Master.

Is all the training offered by AICAD Business School is subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation?

Yes, all the training we provide to our customers is subsidized, you just have to meet certain work requirements established by the Tripartite Foundation and reflected in Order TAS 2307/2007 and Royal Decree 395/2007.

How I can reclaim the subsided training?

To reclaim the training done with AICAD Business School, the future student must be registered in the General System of Social Security and be paid to the course by the company. After that, just fill in the accession documents, Report of the Legal Representation of Workers (if any) and Report of the worker. All we take care of other formalities.

Do the courses include examinations?

Generally each course includes a choice exams to evaluate the expertise of each unit and a mandatory final exam for each course. We also have sheets and assessment tests to meet the requirements of SEPE.

Are there mentors that will help me answer my questions?

Yes, each course offers personalized service by email and telephone 24 hours during business hours tutoring. If you need a webinar with an expert, let us know and we will schedule one.

Is it necessary to reside in Spain for AICAD Business School student?

No, all Our training is designed so that it can be attended from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection.

What kind of learning resources will have at my disposal?

Multimedia content in Web format text, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and other teaching resources. Complete documentation in PDF files for printing or archiving, and two virtual classes, each week, compatible with work schedules and always available delayed.

Who or who will be my teachers?

Our academic staff consists of teachers, university professors, experts from industry-leading companies and professionals AICAD Business School. Depending on the Master, University Expert Course Program or when you enroll, one or the other will support and guide you during your learning

What is the role my academic tutor?

Academic tutors have the key role in the process of tutoringmonitoring of students. It focuses on:

Guide and advise students during the development of its training programs.
Encourage the participation of students and answer your questions.
Perform an ongoing evaluation of individual and collaborative student assignments.

How evaluations or exams?
Do I have to commute to any point in Spain to realize them?
The form of assessment will depend on the degree in which you have enrolled. In any case, all our programs are designed to facilitate maximum student training process.

Do I have to connect to the platform in certain days and certain hours?

No, our entire system is designed so you can develop your training at your own pace. You are the one who decides how long to spend on each of the subjects and when you can. Virtual campus classes themselves are broadcast on specific days that are announced in advance, but always have at your disposal in our Online TV portal.

Methods of Payment, Accounts and Return policy

What forms of payment accept AICAD Business School?
There are three forms of payment stipulated in AICAD Business School:

  • By direct debit (can be lump sum or installment payment as trade agreement).
  • By bank transfer to the account of AICAD Business School.
  • With credit card payment.

When do I get the login details?

After checking the payment prepare your account in our virtual campus and in the next 24 hours we will send you an email with instructions to follow, the URL of the campus and the key to access.

faq aicad
All rights reserved

Unauthorized further distribution of AICAD Business School which refers to the network of member firms or partners, as the context requires, individual member firms of the network business AICAD Business School is not allowed. Each member firm that is displayed in the portal is a separate legal entity and does not act as a direct representative of AICAD Business School or any other member firm. AICAD Business School is not responsible or liable for the acts or omissions of any of its member firms nor the professional content of their work and can not or bind them in any way. Similarly, none of the member firms are responsible for the acts or omissions of any other member firms and the professional content of their work, nor can bind or obligate or those member firms nor AICAD Business School in any way.

Should I worry about my safety during checkout?
Not In all,  your data is stored on a secure SSL server and no one will have access to them. A SSL certificate implements the preferred web security model wich contains digital keys that protect the integrity of your data when sending and receiving any type of information. Servers using SSL create a route with a single encryption for private sessions over the Internet, totally secure for our clients.

What if I have any other complaints?

You can send messages and exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by ordinary mail addressed to AICAD Business School, Ref. LOPD, Tafira University Campus, Multipurpose Building II, 35017, Las Palmas, Las Palmas. To exercise these rights and in compliance with Instruction 1/1998 of 19 January, the Data Protection Agency, you need to prove your identity to the Company by sending a photocopy of National Identity Card or any other valid law.

What is the return policy?

100% money back in case AICAD Business School defeat the course, but reserves the right to modify or even suspend the implementation of activities due to weather conditions or for security reasons (environmental conditions, technical or poor level of student disobedience physical) condition, which would mean the loss of the booking and payment of course equally.

** Return for justified reasons the amount of the reservation fee:

a) 100% warning more than 15 calendar days before the course starts
b) 50% warning between 9 and 15 calendar days before the course starts.
c) With less than 9 calendar days no percentage of the reservation fee will be refunded. Yes it may request pass to another course or activity AICAD Business School.

No refund once the course has started. If the student does not attend class any amount paid will not be refunded or be entitled to request a change of course or program.

Once the course has started, in the event of good cause will try to propose other dates the student of the same or a similar course, with the aim that the student completes the training started. No request for return past 48h the start of the course is permitted.

** Valid reasons for refund request:

Own illness or family within the second degree of consanguinity, always coming in due time.
If own illness must be provided along with the application for refund corresponding medical proof.
In case of serious illness of a family member, up to second degree of consanguinity, it must be provided together with the return request supporting documentation

Reward System, Online Promotion&Affiliates

What is a reward system?

This is a completely new system where you as an active user you receive discounts and perform different tasks often on different pages. The system is based on points that may be redeemed in cash on your next purchase. We reward our users to do things like register, review the product or share through social networks. Each purchase also brings significant savings to the next and if your friend registers through your affiliate link receive 2% of all purchases.

Here are some examples:

By registering on our platform you receive 100 points and if you enter every day receive another 10 points (per login). If you buy a course you get 2% discount on your next purchase if you share via Facebook get 10 points. To write a positive review of the course you will receive 200 points, equivalent to 2 €.

Note* We are opened to new online collaborations and we accept affiliates to promote our products.

What is the value of the points?

Each point is worth € 0.10, that means that we give one euro just for signing up (action done in less than 2 minutes), but if you buy any course that value is increased by 2% to 5% depending on the amount total purchase.

How I can redeem points?

Following the steps to acquire one of our courses in the payment page you will see a section where you enter the points you want to redeem. The system is fully automatic and the discount will be applied immediately.

Can I become an affiliate ?

Once you registered on our platform you become a customer and you can generate your own affiliate link from your account. You can start promoting our courses and earn more points. For every friend you bring you get 5% of your purchase. For a large volume of sales not hesitate to contact us for the fee increase you!

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