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Services for Businesses and Partners

AICAD International Human Resources

Is part of a group of organizations based in information management, with a clear mission of training, managing talent, supervision and auditing of Human Resources for businesses associated with our stakeholders.

We work to set the scene with employees, as well as clients, providers of goods and services, providers of capital, the community and the business. We combine these elements as an essential part of planning a business strategy for our partners.


AICAD International Human Resources
International Human Resources

Services for Businesses and Partners

  • Redesign of Human Resources processes
  • Design and Elaboration of Job Profiles
  • Evaluation of Skills and Potential
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • 360° Evaluations
  • Skills Management
  • Compensation Advisory
  • Benefits and Incentives
  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Climate
  • Personnel Training
  • Advisory on Adquisition and Implementation of Human Resources Information Systems
  • Alignment of the Organization with Business Processes
  • Workload Analysis (Rightsizing)

Services in Information Technology aligned with Business Processes

We help each business appropriately and strategically implement and utilize the most suitable technologies that allow them to be more efficient and competitive. We focus on identifying opportunities for improvement, optimization of services and minimization of risks through analysis of the business and the appropriate use of information technologies.

Our services cover:

  • Strategic Planning of Information Technologies (PETI)
  • Evalation of Information Technology in the Organization
  • Organizational Design of Information Technology
  • Advisory on the Preparation of Requirements for IT Proposals (RFP)
  • Management of the Processes of Announcement, Evaluation and Selection of ERP’s
  • Support in the negotiation and closing of contracts for technology implementation projects
  • Risk Management in Management of ERP Implementation Projects
  • Direction and Management of ERP and Information Systems Implementation Projects
  • Data Quality Diagnostics
  • Business Rules Compliance Diagnostics
  • Implementation of Buisiness Intelligence Solutions (BI)
  • Implementation of BPM Solutions
  • Management Design of Information Technology Services (ITIL)
  • Evaluation of Technological Risks
  • Evaluation and Design of Information Security
  • Informatics Security Processes
  • Technical Auditing of Applications
  • Forensic Auditing of IT

Search for High Impact Director Talent:

  • Executive Search for Executive Directors, Senior Management, and managerial staff.
  • Evaluation of Skills and Potential.
  • Psychological Evaluations.
  • Search and Selection of professionals for middle management positions.

Maximizing human capital in the age of knowledge is critical for short-term stability and to ensure growth of any business in the mid- and long-term. As the talent in a company grows, the company can be more innovative, communicate and sell their services more clearly and effectively and develop a loyal client base with better business sense. This talent guarantees the long-term success of the business and makes it stronger.

High Impact Director Talent

Managing Human Resources meets the need to:

  • Plan the business model on the 7 main axes that set the stage for productivity in today’s intelligent organizations: efficiency in human resources and productivity processes, teachable knowledge and effective learning, technology, comercial globalization, optimization of talent, verification and supervision of growth, style and quality of life of the organization
  • Grow in each of four key pillars: communication, leadership, innovation and disruptive creativity
  • Manage the creation of value from and for people
  • Transform professionals through knowledge and customer service into the key factor in generating results

Solutions for Governments and Public Agencies

Solutions for Governments and Public Agencies

Through our holdings, we offer support to Public Sector institutions in facing the challenges, problems and complexities inherent their management

We work to find precise solutions in the know, (collective technical knowledge), the know-how, (development of attitudes), and know-how-to-be (adquiring skills and abilities).

Our team at AICAD Business School is made up of publicly recognized profressionals, with a call to serve, broad global strength in counseling, flexibility and relationships with Public Institutions.

Training in Digital Civics:

  • Governability and Leadership
  • Electronic Government
  • Utilization of Open Source software in businesses and Government, electronic office and end users
  • Integration and consolidation of electronic Government portals
  • Network building for consolidation of Electronic Government
  • Digital Government and Open Source Software as public goods
  • Strategic Plans, Society of Knowledge and Public Leadership
  • Technological Infrastructure and Sustainability of Politics and Government
  • Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity and the environment

Services for the Public Sector:

  • Institutional Planning
  • Simplified Administration
  • Assessment of Electronic Government
  • Process Improvement or Redesign
  • Organizational Design
  • Strategic Planning of Information Technologies
  • Build Capacity
  • Management Audits
  • Software in the public administration
  • Analysis of quality control and processes

Country Branding

We work to improve the image and credibility of Government Entities and public sector Institutions.

Our passion is discovering ideas and inspiring values that are transformed into corporate emblems of the Institution. We use a series of innovative tools to understand your goals, obtain accurate information, and develop guidelines for the brand.

Our services are divided into two groups.

Branding Strategy:

We can work comprehensively, beginning with research, planning, strategizing and finally building the brand…Or offer support with specialized services in communication, design and brand building.

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Auditing
  • Naming
  • Ranking
  • Goal and values

Brand Experience:

We use a collaborative approach to develop attractive experiences for the brand that come from a redesign of how the brand identity is communicated and of the digital visibility of the brand.

  • Brand Management
  • Brand Identity and Design
  • Design of digital services
  • Innovation
  • Internal Participation
  • Packaging
  • Retail and brand environments

Request additional information about our branding strategy services:

We concentrate on 5 key dimensions for the brand of an institution or country…


This is the foundation of any brand. It evolves and changes slowly and includes the fundamental attributes and values of a country (political freedom, tolerance, stable legal system, freedom of expression, respect for the environment, etc.). If the values system of an Institution or country is weak, it will irrevocably affect the other dimensions.


This represents the capacity of a country to offer higher standards of living (good jobs, housing, access to education, security, etc.). This dimension is strongly connected to the Values System, for example: the more effective the legal system in a country, the better security that country will experience.



This is not just an indicator of the commercial strength of a country, but also includes such attributes as the Regulatory system, qualified workforce, advanced technology and investment climate. All of these factors lead to a more robust and attractive economic climate. This dimension is not limited to countries with strong economies.   



This is the backbone of a country’s brand. It represents the ability of the country to communicate its cultural values in a thorough and positive way. Within Heritage and culture are aspects such as history, art, natural attributes and authenticity. This dimension is closely related to Quality of Life.



This is closely related to the Heritage and Culture dimension, but at the same time is unique for its consideration of economy, communication media and entertainment. With regard to the economy, it refers to a country’s ability to offer accessible coverage for tourists and influence their currency, exchange rate, infrastructure, etc. The media and entertainment represent an extra value, because when a country is newsworthy, whether for good or for bad, it has an opportunity to communicate its personality and even, in negative cases, generate sympathy for the country. This includes the fairly common occurrence of movies, television programs, documentaries or books being used as publicity campaigns.    


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