Business Affiliates

Are you interested in a Partner membership?

For companies with Partner memberships, AICAD offers:


  1. Management of Scholarship Programs so you can offer internships to students.
  2. Counseling on recruitment and management of In-Company continuing education programs, with subsidized training programs.
  3. Online corporate platforms and management of all private training programs done by your company.
  4. Assistance and follow-up during the implementation of the appropriate training plans for your business’ sector.
  5. Our team of experts who will process all courses and training completed by your employees so that you are compensated by Social Security.

Holding Company Model of AICAD Business School – BUSINESS AFFILIATES

AICAD Business School, according to the definitions of the Business School, the Organizing Entity of Training provided by the Tripartite Foundation, will associate with Spanish businesses, self-employed persons and sponsors for any training activity, whether: In person, Online, Mixed, or via Webinar.

For all affiliated businesses, AICAD Business School develops annual personalized training plans, and manages any corresponding financial support which is subsequently provided to the business by Social Security.

Qualified professionals lend value to our associates

In order to contribute greater brand value and professional prestige, for Spanish businesses associated with the Promotion and Dissemination of In-Company Training, we continually form agreements with universities, Business Schools and recognized experts that will help your Human Resources department become more qualified and better prepared for the success of your Organization.

Holding Company AICAD Model

Services we offer to our associates

Online Training, we offer one of the largest catalogs of online training programs.

Mixed Training, a model which integrates eLearning methodology and in-person training.

In-person Training, a learning team of prestigious professionals who are experts in the field that they are teaching.

Why choose us?

22 years of experience

Professional experience in training and consulting on an international level

Great Versatility

Ability to adapt to the realities of diverse fields

Robust platforms

Responsive technologies for eLearning activities


The latest generation of training, covering all areas of business

  • Administration 80%
  • Financing 70%
  • Banking 75%
  • Communication 60%
  • Marketing and Sales 70%
  • Legal 55%
  • Tax Law 65%
  • Technology 70%
  • Innovation 80%
  • Informatics 65%
  • Transportations 35%
  • Prevention of Occupational Hazards 45%
  • Environment 60%
  • Public Health 65%


The process of receiving student interns is free for business affiliates which offer In-Company training with AICAD Business School.